The role of histopathological examination of the products of conception following first-trimester miscarriage in Erbil Maternity Hospital


  • Payman Anwar Rashid Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq.



Miscarriage, Histopathological examination, Molar pregnancy


Background and objective: Miscarriage represents a common problem that occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. There is no general agreement on the value of submitting tissues from uterine evacuation in cases of miscarriage for histopathological examination. This study aimed to evaluate the role of histopathological examination in cases of first-trimester miscarriage.

Methods: This is a descriptive study was carried out over a period of 14 months, from January 2015 to March 2016, at Erbil Maternity Hospital. A total of 375 biopsies from patients admitted to maternity hospital with the diagnosis of the first trimester miscarriage and cases of spontaneous miscarriage were included in this study. The clinical data including age, parity, gestational age, clinical diagnosis, the method of evacuation, and other relevant information were collected and submitted for histopathological examination.

Results: Incomplete miscarriage was the commonest type of miscarriage and constituted 65.3% of the studied group and surgical evacuation was the most common method of termination. The histopathology reports confirmed the pregnancy in all patients and revealed retained product of normal pregnancy in 315 (86.6%) cases, partial mole in 15 (4%) patients, complete hydatidiform mole in one (0.2%) case, decidual reaction in 21 (5.6%) cases and no product of conception in 13 (3.4%) cases.

Conclusion: Histopathological examination of the products of conception is an important method in detecting undiagnosed molar pregnancy that needs special follow-up and further management.


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