Comparison of Benzyl Benzoate Lotion Versus Permethrin Solution in Addition to Crotamiton Cream as Adjuvant Therapy In the Treatment of Scabies Infestation


  • Dina K. Al-Samman Assistant Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, University of Mosul , College of Pharmacy


Comparison, Benzyl Benzoate, Versus Permethrin, Crotamiton Cream


Background and Objectives: To compare the efficacy of topical benzyl benzoate lotion with permethrin solution in addition to adjuvant crotamiton cream with the aim of determining better and improved treatment option for scabies.

Subject and Methods: The trial included 150 patients aged 6–65 years with scabies who attended the Al-qudis health center for family medicine in Mosul city. Inclusion criteria: those experiencing itching and presence of burrows or secondary lesions that were characteristic of scabies on at least three sites of predilection for scabies. Exclusion criteria: serious illness, pregnant or lactating women, treatment of scabies within the preceding 1 month and suspicious cases. Eligible subjects were divided to 2 groups both of them received topical treatment consisted of a thorough bath using sulfur soap followed by application of benzyl benzoate lotion 25% for adult and 12.5%for children to all parts of the body, repeated daily for 3 consecutive days and after 1 week, the. While the other group applied permethrine 5% solution as the same manner of benzyl benzoate lotion, washed after 12 hours and repeated after 1 week. In addition, topical treatment involved application of crotamiton cream (40g) mixed with betamethasone G cream (15g) as adjuvant antiscabietic therapy and antipruritic for both groups, in addition to symptomatic treatment of itching. Where possible, close contacts of subjects with scabies were examined and those clinically confirmed to have scabies were invited to enroll in the study. All subjects and close contacts were treated simultaneously. Subjects were followed up at 2 weeks to assess compliance and examine the patients those with new or persistent lesions and pruritus were treated but excluded .Criteria for cure were absence of pruritus and of new lesions.

Results: At 2-weeks post-treatment, the treatment was effective in 70(87.5%) patients in the permethrin group and 45(64%) patients in the benzyl benzoate group, the difference between them was significant (p< 0.0001).The 35 patients who had not improved were excluded

Conclusion: The diagnosis of scabies requires a willing physician and a cooperative patient with increased awareness to achieve good control and successfully treatment of this health problem. Moreover, improved personal hygiene may prevent or control the spread of scabies.


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