Clinical findings and management of intracranial Hydatid cyst in north of Iraq

  • Emad Kh. Hammood Department of General Surgery, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq
Keywords: Hydatid cyst, E. granulosus, mebendazole, headache, brain


Background and objective: Where Hydatid cyst of E. granulosus reaches 1 cm in diameter, its wall will differentiated into a thick outer laminated and thin germinal epithelium from which occasionally, daughter cysts could appear within the Hydatid. Aim: management of the Hydatid cyst is performed surgically by separating the two layers of the cyst keeping the inner layer intact during removal process to prevent the generation of daughter cysts at the same site in the future.

Methods: We conducted the study using hematology coulter counter to analyze whole blood samples of rats after exposure to welding fumes. We investigated the effect of wielding fume exposure on some   hematological parameters such as the red blood corpuscles (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs) and platelet parameters. Fourteen male albino rats were randomly assigned to control or wielding fume inhalation.

Results: Total removal of the cyst was done in thirty cases using neurosurgical microscope to separate the cyst wall. Two patients had multiple intracranial Hydatid cysts. The commonest location was in the parietal lobe (21 cases). Recurrence was seen in two cases as a result of rapture of the cyst during the first surgery, in other two cases secondary infestation was seen after 1st operation 9-12 months.

Conclusion: Infection acquired in early life and symptoms usually appear later. (mebendazole) is used as prophylaxis. Pathologically there is no calcification of all cysts. radiologically pressure effect is not associated with edema. Big size lead to shift of the brain to the opposite side


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